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Welcome to Kentucky ERN

Kentucky ERN® develops and administers Employer Resource Networks® in partnership with ERN USA® throughout Kentucky to expand support for working families while improving retention and company culture for member businesses. This innovative workforce development model blends the efforts of business and nonprofits with on-site success coaching for all employee levels.

Low-wage and entry-level employees particularly benefit from connection to resources, training, and a process to identify employee challenges early with solutions to address employment barriers such as attendance, performance, financial stability, career advancement, and stress levels. Employees often start their success coach partnership with immediate needs, then move on to short and long-term goals. Meet with our team if you are interesting in joining or starting an ERN.

Employer Resource Networks® are private-public consortia whose purpose is improved workforce retention through employee support and training

The key ERN® innovations are:

  • business engagement
  • cross-sector collaboration among employers
  • human services and educators
  • workplace-based employee success coaching (case management)
  • real-time referrals to community resources

ERN® stakeholders include:

  • small to mid-sized companies
  • public human services and workforce development
  • private non-profits
  • community colleges and vocational training organizations
  • local, regional and national foundations and United Ways

ERNs® improve communities in a variety of ways:

  • employers retain an engaged and skilled workforce
  • public agencies and nonprofits get better outcomes from programs that advance economic independence
  • community colleges add students and build closer ties to area businesses

ERNs® are a value proposition to all stakeholders. Their outcomes include:

  • employee retention rates of 90%-98%
  • average employer ROI of 500% 
  • increased employee engagement
  • improved company culture
  • informal regional human resource networks
  • decreased employee reliance on public assistance
  • increased family financial stability

ERN® Programs help employees access social service and training programs that support employment.

ERNs® partner with local government, non-profits and private employers to offer the best resources available

ERNs® network with other Employer Resource Networks® (ERNs) across the country who share best practices and ideas.

The Success Coach can confidentially help employees:

  • improve employment skills
  • overcome personal barriers
  • prepare for advancement opportunities

ERNs® coordinate with community organizations to offer training opportunities such as:

  • Basic computer skills
  • Computer applications
  • Financial management and budgeting
  • Diversity education
  • Credit repair and foreclosure prevention
  • Affordable family nutrition
  • English as a second language (ESL)
  • Leadership and problem solving
  • Math proficiency
  • GED classes
  • Health and wellness
  • Free income tax preparation

ERN-USA National News

KPI Study Shows Impact of Employer Resource Networks®

June 6, 2024

ERN USA’s Employer Resource Network®(ERN®) Annual KPI Report shows that member companies who provide an ERN Success Coach at the workplace experience an average of 1394% return on investment with the goal of stabilizing households and growing businesses for vibrant communities.

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